Classic Children's Toys That are Still Around Today

All of those great children’s toys you loved as a kid are still around today, if you take a look. You may be surprised when toy shopping for your kids or nieces and nephews that not only do they still exist, but they’ve had some serious upgrades that could make you pretty jealous. Not that you are. Well, maybe a little. But the nice thing is, you can purchase these children’s toys for your kids and share the love you had for them with the next generation.

Kids board games have changed a lot and yet not at all. You can still get the likes of Battleship for your son, but it’ll be an interactive Battleship that talks and has actual explosion sounds. You probably just made those noises yourself when you were a kid, but no longer! Even games like Monopoly and Clue have gotten high tech makeovers that are great for kids because they are so used to using technology in their game play but you can still play along because you know all the rules.

Another old toy, back from the 80s, is Lite Brite. If you had Lite Brite, you remember how awesome it was to put the various colored pegs into different holes, creating a scene or image and lighting it up to see how it came out when it glowed. Now there’s Lite Brite Cube, which is an entire cube of faces to make a ton of images and expand the imagination. This is the reason why children’s toys have become so amazing lately. They take a great concept and they really expand it into something better.

But we forget that even the toys we are so used to seeing still have been around forever. Look at Barbie. She’s been around for ages (and still looks great, might I add) and in all different incarnations. These toys have become a staple for every child and are the kind that let you bond with them over the ones you had as a kid compared to the cool ones they have now.

While some children’s toys are new and original, some are just new takes on an old classic. And that’s OK, because it lets you interact more with what your kids are doing and you can really share the joy of a toy you loved so much when you were a kid. Because those are the things that really stick with us for a lifetime!