Importance of Outdoor Play

For facilitating overall physical and psychological development of children, it is necessary to bring them close to nature. However, the modern day lifestyle in busy cities appears to be the major obstacle in enjoying the beauties of nature. The best option for bringing our children closer to nature would be to encourage them to play outdoors in the garden or park.

Designing outdoor play area for children

While designing the outdoor space, yard or garden, try to add as many natural elements as possible. Unlike children raised in countryside, city bred kids cannot access woodlands and lush green expansive fields. In their highly structured lives dominated by computers and televisions, even a small outdoor area with few plants can liberate them from the sedentary lifestyle. Although, adults prefer outdoor areas with manicured lawns and landscaped gardens, your child may prefer something more natural. Children love openness and a wilder environment. However, this does not mean that you need a poorly kept lawn or yard to lure your child to play outdoors. A playground covered with lush green grass and framed by plants is sufficient for children to play with friends. Finally, install few outdoor play equipments to create the simple playground that will help your child to enjoy outdoor activities with friends.

Safety measures

In is natural for children to fall down and hurt themselves. While designing a playground, follow safety standards to minimize the risk of injuries. Covering the play area with an impact absorbent material makes injuries less severe during falls. For instance, according to the US National Safety Council guidelines, at least 30 cm of the playground should be covered with an impact absorbing material such as wood chips before allowing children to use climbing frames. Supervise the playground and the outdoor play equipments regularly. Remove broken cements, loose wires and bricks from the garden. Remove poisonous weeds from your yard as soon as you detect them. Regular maintenance, followed by renovations, when needed, is essential for maintaining a safe playground where children can play freely.

Different types of outdoor toys

For playing outdoors, most children bring their soft plastic bats and balls. Wheeled toys are extremely popular among kids. The outdoor versions of the popular indoor board games such as giant chess sets tempt children to enjoy themselves outdoors. To make life more enjoyable for your kids, install swings, jungle gym, sandpits, playhouses and trampolines in your garden.

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